July 2

Last week

A strange this week, I’m sure you all would agree. We had the most fantastic time at our residential. as I explain below one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! However, unfortunately, it would appear we brought a bug back with us and near on half the class has had some time off this week. The fact that some siblings and parents have also contracted this bug make us think it must be a virus. That said, it does not diminish the trip which was truly excellent and by second half of the week we were nearly back to a full class again.

Below are some pictures of us all.

First challenge making the beds!

Anyone for mountain biking?

Time to ski!


Surfs up!

Then canoeing!


Look what we found in the rock pools!

And always time to chill!


Thanks East Barnby


Time To celebrate

This week’s 5R goes to …. the whole of Year 6! Well done all! I shouldn’t say it, but this year’s residential was the best I’ve ever been on. The staff and I thought that you embraced the trip and modelled Meadowside’s 5R throughout the week. You were respectful  to the staff at East Barnby, to the staff at Meadowside and with each other. You showed bags of resilience, whether pushing yourself out of your comfort zone climbing, skiing or even during a fire alarm at 2am! You had to be resourceful and problem solving in mountain biking, Mini-Olympics or simply making your own beds and getting yourself ready each day. You were all reflective, when instructors gave out information each morning on what to wear and bring for the day ahead and you were definitely working on your relationships all week. It was a pleasure to share the time with you.


Have a great week everyone.

Mr Leverett




May 23

Last Week

A fantastic week goes by. Year 6 were excellent hosts to our guests from Barcelona: many new friendships were forged and we even learnt to sing: ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in Spanish! Sort of!

See the pictures below.

IMG_0890.jpg IMG_0892.jpg IMG_0896.jpg IMG_0898.jpg IMG_0909.jpg IMG_0914.jpg IMG_0916.jpg IMG_0932.jpg IMG_0941.jpg IMG_0944.jpg


Our 5R award this week went to … Hallie-Mae! For all the work she put into forming new relationships with our visitors from Barcelona. Well done Hallie!

Our Jigsaw award this week went to … Jessica! We are looking at mental health in PSHE and Jessica was confident in talking about appropriate strategies to keep a positive mindset. Well done Jessica!


Have a great week in the sun; go careful.

Mr Leverett

May 16

Last Week

They’ve only gone and done it!!! SATs are smashed. Congratulations Year 6 – I was delighted to watch you ‘show off’ on the tests this week. All that preparation was worth it! My favourite moment of the week was the rousing three cheers at the end of the last SAT – I think they heard you in Reception!


Our 5R award this week went to … the whole of Year 6! For employing all of our 5R’s throughout this challenging week. They were resilient, reflective, resourceful, respectful and supported each other through relationships.

Our Jigsaw award this week went to … the whole of Year 6! we have been focusing this term on relationships and looking specifically at mental health and strategies to support our own mental health and these have been evident this week. well done!


Next week we are looking forward to are visitors from Barcelona. Hola!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Leverett

March 17

Last week

This week has seen a return to normality after the madness of a snow…morning!!!

Year 6 have continued working hard on their explanation text answering the question: Could an alien planet have racism on it? Some excellent work on area in maths – ask them the algebraic formula for working out a parallelogram! Science has had us investigating our heart rates (see below) and in DT we are working on creating an activism poster (see the work in action and await this space for the final results).

Science in action:


DT in action:





A chance for a double week this week as last week’s celebration assembly was postpone due to snow!


Our 5R award this week went to Max for the resilience and reflection he showed throughout the practice assessments. Well done, Max!

Our second award went to

Theo for the effort and energy he is exhibiting in class. Keep it up Theo!

Our focus this term is on ‘Healthy Me’ and we have been looking at definitions and classifications of drugs. The award goes to Archie for his understanding of the term exploitation and considering ways in which we can prevent this happening.

The second award goes to William for his research and understanding into the classification of drugs: legal, prescribed and illegal.


Have a great weekend everyone,

Mr Leverett


March 10


For those of you who do not fancy being in the snow today, or for those who have frozen feet, faces and hands and fancy something to do indoors, here are some activities you could do. Please email me to let me know how you get on and send any completed work too. Suggestions below.

Maths –

Please go on your TTRock Star account for 15 minutes and send me you best time for mixed times tables.

Following our work on area. Please right down an explanation of how you can work out the area of a right-angled triangle complete with algebraic formula. If you want to take on a further challenge (3 star!). Complete the same exercise for a parallelogram.


Log onto Reading Plus and complete two activities. If you are unable to go on Reading Plus, please read the next chapter of your book and right a summary of that chapter.


Either write a poem about the snow. Remember to use all the features we have worked on from figurative language: alliteration, metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole.

Alternatively, research how snow is formed and complete a fact file. Remember what we discussed ever flake is unique! Why?


If possible, take a black and white picture of a scene in the snow. Alternatively, draw that scene (remember to think about subject matter and perspective – be inventive!).

Have a great day!

Keep warm!

Mr Leverett


February 27

Last Week

First week of every term is always RE week and this week Year 6 have been looking at some of the major philosophical questions. Why would a God allow suffering? Is death the end? The children have been looking at a variety of religious beliefs and non-religious beliefs looking into the concept of the soul, judgement and reincarnation. The discussions and debates have been incredibly mature and respectful. I am very proud of them all. Furthermore, we have all agreed that no one can definitively answer these questions. Please continue the discussion and share your views with your children.


This term’s big idea is: I am part of a diverse world. As usual we will use this theme to link our curriculum – next week is the launch – the Meadowside family groups working together on Monday to look at the  British values. For further details: timetable, newsletter and middle term plan please look at the pages tab ‘Spring 2’.

Time for a real treat!!!

At the end of last term the children all performed  classic poetry. We had people rapping Shakespeare and others working on tone, pitch and expression. The results are below. Can you hear you child (or recognise yourself Year 6)?

IMG_0580 (1)


IMG_0582 (1)



IMG_0585 (3)


Our 5R award this week was won by … George Barker. For the maturity he is showing in managing difficult relationships. Well done, George!

This week’s head teacher award was won by … Carter for his amazing work in RE. Where he researched, examined and accurately explained how different religions understand the concept of the soul and reincarnation.


Have a great weekend everyone,

Mr Leverett

February 24

I fantastic end to the term a drumming workshop, a DT extravaganza in the hall, a science investigation into static electricity a poetry recital and if that was not enough … a sweetie stall to finish. Well done Year 6! You have impressed me this term with your resilience and resourcefulness.


Investigating static electricity

Image preview Image preview Image preview Image previewImage preview Image preview



Our 5R award last week was won by … Mani Morris! Mani really demonstrated all of our 5R’s last week in all lessons. Well done!


Last week’s Jigsaw award was won by…Carter! Our topic was racism and Carter was able to suggest some reasons why some people are racist and how he would help to educate these people. Well done, Carter!

Have a great half-term all,

Regards, Mr Leverett



January 20

Last Week

Another excellent week whizzes by in Year 6. Some highlights this week have been the children showing real reflection and resilience analysing poetry. In maths, continuing our exploration of all things decimals and in Geography  building our understanding of the positives and negatives of fossil fuels.

Our Geography and English is obviously have a cross-curricular impact – check out this poem written by Alfie!


Our 5R award this week was won by … Isla Buck. For the reflection and resilience she has shown in her English this week when analysing poetry. Well done Isla!!!


Last week’s Jigsaw award was won by…Archie! Who, in our Dreams nd Goals topic was able to break down his own goals into realistic manageable steps and recognise the progression between each step. Well done Archie!!!

This week’s head teacher awards were won by … Carmen for her amazing discussions about reading and reading genres with a guest we had in school this week. Also, Amelia for superb detailed artwork she produced. Well done girls!


Have a great weekend everyone,

Mr Leverett

January 13

Last Week

This week we started our ‘big idea’ for the term: I am an artist. Look at the spring pages on the blog to find our: planning for the term newsletter and a timetable.

As part of the big idea the children were introduce to the work of Benjamin Zephaniah (we are looking at poems from his latest book Wicked World. If you’ve not heard of him look him up he’s an amazing character and a great way to get into performance poetry. Check out an extracts below:


Time to celebrate:

Our 5R champion this week goes to … Cecily! She has returned after the break full of energy and enthusiasm. She has a positive mindset to her work which will result in success. Well done Cecily!


Our Jigsaw theme this term is ‘goals and dreams’ and the children have been identifying their strengths and thinking about a goal inside and outside school. The award this week goes to …Russell! Who had to challenge himself to recognise his own strengths (of which there are many!). Well done Russell!

I hope you all have a excellent weekend.

Take care, Mr Leverett

January 6

Last Week

Image result for happy new year


Happy New Year everyone! A busy fun first week where we: focused on RE looking specifically at Buddhism and Buddhist festivals; completed a skip 2b fit challenge.; had an amazing trip to Young Voices and finished the week off with a football competition Not bad for week one! Please look at some of the wonderful pictures below.

RE – Festive decorations for Wesak and our letters to a friend.


Skip 2b fit

Young Voices



Have a great week everyone,

Take care Mr Leverett